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Fusion Global Partners

Fusion Global Partners offers a unique blend of public affairs services and communications practices that deliver the right message at the ideal moment to influence relevant target audiences.

Our philosophy is driven by the basic principle that our clients always come first. The team’s expertise, network of contacts, and professional competencies allow the firm to provide innovative, creative, and measurable solutions to our roster of clients.

We believe in victories that build and enhance reputations, address difficult crisis issues, grow market share, and help make a meaningful social impact.

Fusion Global Partners is hired to solve problems and create opportunities. Our greatest strength is our ability to combine innovative thinking and creative problem solving with practical implementation.

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New website:
We've worked with our friends at shotgunflat (Boston/DC) to develop our new site.

Jorge speaks:
Fusion Global Partners founder Jorge Martinez weighs in on the second presidential debates.


Strategic Counsel

We work with clients to analyze existing operations and then design new, integrated strategic plans with tactics that connect more effectively with customers and enhance relationships.

Our team works collaboratively to implement the plan and make strategic adjustments based on market events, industry dynamics, and business conditions. Finally, we provide ongoing counsel throughout the partnership.

Practice Areas

Fusion Global Partners provides services that include media and public relations, Hispanic marketing and outreach strategies, brand and reputation management, strategic alliances and partnerships, event planning and management, media training, and creative services.

Management & Oversight

Fusion Global Partners works with its partners to manage and oversee the delivery of additional products and services for our clients, including government affairs, speakers’ bureaus, and polling/survey activities.

our team

Jorge Martinez, CEO

Jorge Martinez provides first-rate strategic counsel to clients that must speak with clarity and purpose. A seasoned industry veteran, he has applied his communications expertise during a career that spans the White House, political campaigns, corporate America, and a number of high-profile sports & entertainment clients around the world.

Throughout his career, Jorge has developed a reputation for putting together winning strategies when communications is the key to victory. He has an extensive background in dealing with situations that involve balancing public opinion with political and public policy considerations.

Jorge has solid experience managing national media campaigns, public relations, special events, and brand and reputation management programs. His experience, as well as extensive relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders, enables the firm to offer innovative and effective strategies for clients.

He previously served as spokesman for President George W. Bush at the U.S. Department of Justice. A trusted advisor, Jorge has also been tapped to manage advance operations and logistics for White House and campaign trips to different parts of the world.

Jorge also possesses a wealth of experience developing and implementing Hispanic communications programs that deliver market impact by raising the visibility and credibility of clients. He has a record of delivering positive exposure in Hispanic and mainstream media, developing meaningful partnerships with Hispanic stakeholders and organizations, facilitating direct interaction with community leaders, and positioning clients in a favorable light among the Hispanic population throughout the world.

Amanda Deatherage, President

Amanda Deatherage possesses a professional background with a unique mix of communications, law, public policy, and client services.

She most recently served at LexisNexis, where she directed communications, training and strategic outreach initiatives between the company and law schools.

Prior to LexisNexis, Amanda served as Director of Strategic Alliances at DCI Group, where she managed outreach efforts with stakeholders and third-party groups on a wide range of issues on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. She assisted corporate executives with crisis communications, event planning and management, and strategic planning.

Before joining DCI Group, Amanda served as Executive Director for International Competitiveness at the International Advisory Services Group.

In 2006, she taught trade law and government advocacy to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade under the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Indonesian Trade Assistance Program.

fusion sports & entertainment

Fusion Sports & Entertainment represents clients across all disciplines of the sports and entertainment industries. From the gridiron to the baseball diamond, from Hollywood figures to musicians, the popularity of our clients resonates across the globe.

Our philosophy is driven by the basic principle that our clients always come first. The team’s expertise, network of contacts, and professional competencies allow the firm to provide innovative and measurable solutions to our roster of clients.

As trusted advisors, we build strategic plans that manage the careers of athletes, actors, and entertainers during their active tenures and beyond, by providing a unique set of services tailored to each specific client that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Brand and Reputation Management
  • Social/Philanthropic/Charity Involvement
  • Marketing Initiatives and Endorsement Programs
  • Property Development
  • Talent Procurement Programs
  • Public Relations
  • New Media Strategies
  • Media Training
  • Content Creation
  • Event Management
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Government Affairs

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